DPF Cleaning

Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs) require a regular service known as de-ashing or filter cleaning. This process is required to remove unburned lube oil that has accumulated in the DPF. The material that is removed from the DPF during cleaning is considered hazardous waste and therefore should be handled and disposed of in a safe and controlled environment.


Over the past several years, Lakeway Truck Centre has developed a broad experience in DPF cleaning.  Our experience has led us to the conclusion that not only one technology or cleaning method can be applied to all DPFs. For that reason, we use multiple technologies and methods to ensure the DPFs we service get cleaned sufficiently and safely.  Pictured at right is the FSX DPF Cleaning System utilized by Lakeway Truck Centre

If you need a DPF cleaned, please contact us to make sure we can clean the product you own. We offer the following DPF cleaning services:

  • On-site cleaning for retrofit DPFs
  • On-site cleaning for 2007 and newer Cummins DPFs
  • Cummins ReCon exchange DPFs for 2007 and newer Cummins DPFs
  • Ability to clean all makes and models of DPFs – OEM and retrofit DPFs

In some cases, a DPF may not be able to be cleaned by one of our cleaning machines. In these cases the DPF needs to be sent to the manufacturer to be cleaned. When this is required, Lakeway Truck Centre has the processes in place to ensure your filter is returned to you as quickly as possible.


For more information, contact us at Lakeway Truck Centre