Here at Lakeway Trucks we sell or rent 20' and 40' cargo containers that can be used for secure storage or for instant offices.  Each C-Can is made out of steel and able to be securely locked which will help protect your items that are stored inside.-

C-Can pricing starting at $2850 -delivered in Sault Ste. Marie.

We also can also customize the container to your preference which includes having them fully insulated with heat and air conditioning.  These make great offices out in the bush or on the job site.  We can also deliver and pick them up at your chosen location.

Not enough storage?  We have that covered too.  We also rent out 48' and 53'  transport trailers for storage.  We will also deliver and move these trailers around for you.  Moving to another spot in town? These trailers can cut the number of moving trips you make down to one.

We also have trucks and vans for lease or sale.  Contact us for more details.